September Spotlight- DOUBLE DOSE!

Hey guys! What a fun month we had here in September! We had a huge participation in our nutrition challenge and we are so grateful for the new friendships that were made through it! Nothing like a good competition to bring people together!

We love to see our community growing and strengthening and we are so happy to have all of you as a part of it!

Final scores were close! But Team A Lot at Steak took the win.

A lot at Steak: 567 points

Crossfitted Sheets: 559 Points

Buns and Guns: 559 Points

Power Clean: 522 Points

As for individual winners we had two huge wins with our spotlight athletes Raina and Brennan!

Raina was initially so apprehensive to do the challenge, but was finally convinced to give it a shot! She knew that sugar and dairy were going to be hard for her to give up, but did her best to stick to it. Through the challenge she began cooking more at home, becoming more aware of what she was eating and by the third week of the challenge a handful of raisins was tasting too sweet to her! Her effort definitely paid off with her dropping over 4% body fat over the month. Way to go Raina!

Brennan was excited to start the challenge in preparation for his second spartan race this year! Making food choices was hard at first because of all the hidden sugars! With the support of his team and coach he was able to navigate his diet and even earned all of his points on his BIRTHDAY when most people would use that as an excuse to cheat! He made huge efforts to earn points for his team with extra workouts and staying strong with his food choices. At the end of the month Brennan lost over 2% body fat and looks fantastic.

This challenge was a huge commitment for everyone involved and I am so proud of you all! Everyone saw results, many of us lost weight and became far more aware of the added sugar lurking in places we would never suspect! I have heard from multiple people that they are going to continue with the diet because they enjoy how they are feeling and are loving their results! I love to see the habits change. It is doable for anyone who is motivated and it was great having the support and accountability of our teams and coaches!

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