March Events

march events


March Madness Bingo: Starting March 1, we will be running a bingo game! Each bingo square has a task that once completed a coach will sign off for. The first 3 winners with 1 bingo will get a free TCF shirt. The first 2 winners with 3 bingos will get a TCF shirt and 10% off their next month’s membership. The first person to black out their card will get a shirt, 15% discount and a supplement goody bag! Bingo cards are available at the gym!

Specialty Classes: They’re finally here! This month we start our Tuesday and Thursday specialty classes. Tuesdays at 7pm we will have our Barbell Club. This class will focus on weightlifting and strength! On Thursdays at 7pm we will have our Mobility class. This class will focus on stretching, recovery and increasing flexibility and range of motion. They are included with unlimited membership or a $5 drop in fee for anyone else.

March Happy Hour: We had so much fun last month we’re doing it again! Planning on Saturday, March 18 around 8pm.. If anyone has suggestions for places let us know!

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