Our regularly programmed WODs (workout of the day) may include a strength or skill exercise, a metcon or both.

Strength/ Skill:

Strength and skill work will ususally take about 20 minutes of class time. Whether we are working on a specific lift like back squat or a skill like double unders, coaches will give you tips and encouragement to get you to the next level.


Metcon stands for metabolic conditioning and is the part of our WOD that will really get our heart going. We use various equipment, body weight exercises, gymnastics and lifting in workouts designed to be done for speed and/or reps. The idea is to work as hard and fast as possible while maintaining form. They generally will take 5-25 minutes to complete.


CrossFit Fitness is a program that we started for people who are looking for more cardio without heavy weightlifting.


Fitness consists of a similar metcon workout using bodyweight movements and light equipment like kettlebells and dumbells.


Don’t be confused-  ‘fitness’ doesn’t mean easy!


We offer both 30 and 60 minute personal training sessions with our CrossFit, USA Weightlifting and USA Powerlifting coaches.

30 Minute sessions are great for specific skill work like pullups and handstand walks, as well as technique work in a specific lift. The focus is yours!

60 minute sessions allow for a total customized workout, including skill work, a lift and a metcon. Perfect for meeting your goals faster!