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My name is Nicole Rios and I am a personal trainer, massage therapist, intuitive healer and teacher. I am here to help you rewrite your life!

The FUEL 6 Week Reboot will help you refocus and realign your life in all areas. Create a new fitness routine, learn some amazing ways to take care of yourself, and maybe even walk away with a few more easy healthy recipes.

Join up to 10 women for a 6 week intensive reboot. 

6 weeks of training, including recovery days. 

Weekly Live class with me and your teammates.

Create healthy habits including self-care, mindfulness and self awareness.

Exclusive Support

With a private Facebook Group we will have support, accountability and camaraderie. Meet new like minded women that are working to change and grow themselves alongside you! 

Nicole Rios

She has truly been a huge component to my healing. I can't say enough.


I truly believe that in order to create the changes we want to see in our lives, we must first identify and heal what has held us back from accomplishing those things before.

Fit Girl


What do I need for this challenge? 

The only things that you need to participate in this challenge are a commitment to yourself for 6 weeks, access to facebook, a device that is able to stream audio/video, and a space at home for exercise (if you can fit a yoga mat, it will work!)


What if I don’t have any equipment? 

I do suggest having one dumbbell at a couple different weight intervals, (like a 10 and a 20) but it is not necessary. I will show you modifications with a backpack which can be weighted, or a reused milk carton that we can use in place. You may find throughout the challenge that there are certain pieces of equipment that you’d like to invest in that we use most frequently, but we can always improvise! 


Do I need an exercise background?

Form is really important to me, so I always make sure to thoroughly explain the movements, but I also give scaled options or recommendations. Every workout can be tailored to what your current level of fitness is! The point is to START, I am here to teach!


How many days of the week should I workout?

The challenge is set up on a 7 day schedule with 5 days of exercise and 2 days of recovery and stretching. This is set up as a workout M, T, W; recovery Th; workout F, Sa; recovery Su. If you want to workout 3 days a week and incorporate the recovery days your schedule may be workout MWF and use the Sunday stretch. Otherwise you can follow the programming daily and it will incorporate days for recovery. You can vary the days you workout weekly, but remember that consistency is easier kept when paired with routine. My recommendation is to find a schedule that works within the first two weeks and stick to it! 


How do I know what the workouts are?

The workouts will be posted weekly in the Units Section with the video explanations for each.


What if I miss the live workout?

I will always record the live workout and post it into the group so that you can go back and use it when you are able. 


What if I want more personalized training?

I am available to work one on one with those who have specific goals or desire more regular live training. If you are training for a specific sport or event I would love to help you periodize your training for maximum success! Personal Training are discounted when bought in bundles.

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